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Ohh La La!!! The Festival Schedule!!!!

Hey folks! It's going to be a couple of busy months!!!! Many of you have messaged me asking about WeBe's festival schedule. So here it is! I'll also post it on my blog on my website. Hope to see you at one of these!!!!! xoxo

August 29 through September 2 -- wholesale meetings in Massachusetts and Martha's Vineyard. Would love to hear from any stores who are interested in meeting!! (I know it's the end of the season for you -- so please, no pressure to buy -- ... but would love to get you acquainted with the WeBe line for next year!).

September 11: Street fair in Chestnut Hill, PA!!!!! First time we will be showing in PA and I'm so, so excited!

September 13: Private bag party at a house in Old Tappan, NJ!!! Yes, I LOVE doing private bag parties... anyone who is interested in hosting one, message me! I LOVE DOING THESE!!! And you get a freebie bag yourself!!!! And what a fun way to spend a night with your friends!

September 18: Street fair in Ridgewood, NJ. This is an amazing street fair!!!! Come on out!

September 25: Street fair in Bryn Mawr, PA!!!! First time I'm doing this one! Fingers crossed!

October 8: Fall Harvest Fest in Ocean Grove, NJ! Shopping by the beach!!! Come on, what could be more fun???!!!!

October 9: Nyack Street Fair... one of my faves... I've done it many times and hope to see a lot of old friends, and make new ones, too!!!

I'll let you know of any more updates. Have a great day, everyone! xoxoxo

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